Monday, June 23, 2008

A Quilting Picturebook

I'm sure I break just about every rule of quilting since I'm largely self taught but read on anyway.

You need a plan to get started! Here's my first plan which doesn't use half squares and my second which does. Do these in pencil to prevent insanity!

Here's my stash of precut denim for the quilt.

Sew your quilt together two pieces at a time. I measure down 1/2 inch and draw a line in red. I attempt to straight stitch on this line but often miss as you can see. I do this twice and them zig zag stitch the seam once to prevent fraying.

Here's what the two sewn together squares look like from the right side of the project.

Here I've pinned on another two sewn together squares.

When I do the second straight stitch, I just flip the project around. To keep things from getting too bunchy I roll the fabric up like this.

Here's what things look like as the roll of fabric gets larger.

And here's the fabric turned around for the second straight stitch seam.

Finally, here's a peek at the progress.


Barbara said...

Katie, that looks great! Not just frugal but pretty too. I'll never have enough denim to do that, but maybe something smaller.


Ruthie said...

Looks awesome!

Thanks for the instructions. Are you going to embroidery any of the denim?


Katie said...


I wasn't planning to do any embroidery this time but you could definitely do it.

Anonymous said...

Ooh! Very nice! We are having the annual huge rotary auction and flea market in my town this weekend and I plan to buy jeans and try this myself. How many pairs do you think it takes for your size quilt?

Katie said...

This is a very unscientific answer because there are a lot of variables, like how much of the jeans are unuseable because of wear (around here, usually the knees and seat are lost to wear).

For this queen size quilt, it looks like I'm going to use about 12-14 pairs of my husbands old jeans (he's 31" x 34" if you're looking for real perspective). You get the most useable material out of straight leg jeans in large sizes. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.

Anonymous said...

Great looking quilt. I made 5, yes 5 for various family members a few Christmases ago. Supplemented the saved "old jeans" with purchases from Goodwill on their half price day. Backed them with either flannel depicting some activity that the recipient liked or with some bargain fabric from the discount store. Everyone loved them. I'm saving again for more for the Grandkids.


Eileen said...

like that you put the instructions -
nice - thanks. Looks like a fun project.