Tuesday, July 01, 2008


It's summertime and the posting is a little more sporadic, or maybe a lot more sporadic. I'm aiming for two or three posts per week. BTW, I'm blogging on a dial up connection so I make no promises of photos for the next few weeks. Here's what's new.

The patchwork portion of the denim quilt is finished! I just pieced together the last two sections this morning during a rainstorm. God, what a pain it is to sew huge pieces together.

Now it's time to work on the backing. I unwittingly set myself up for a challenge when I bought a fitted sheet to use for the backing. I may be doing a little piecing on the backing as well. I'll know better when I finish removing the elastic. A seam ripper is the best tool ever!!

I'm still four sections away from completing my log cabin blanket. Once we start watching movies again (Jim's been working nights the last few weeks) the log cabin blanket should finish up very quickly. This has been a very rewarding project. It's also generated a lot of interest wherever I've gone with it. Perhaps I've inspired a few people to knit frugally along the way...

Speaking of inspiring knitting, my daughters have once again picked up their knittng needles and are knitting during movies too. I won't let on how tickled I am. You know how teenagers are, they might stop if they knew it made me happy.

In food, I'm loving the weekly CSA pickups. Our meals are revolving around what's in our weekly share.

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