Thursday, November 06, 2008

Did You Ever Try to Think Like the Instructions on a TV Dinner?

I'm leaving for two weeks of yoga training early Saturday morning. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity (Thanks Jim!! Everyone be extra nice to my hubby, he's obviously a saint.) but I'm not even close to being ready. How hard is it to throw your yoga mat, neti pot and a few clothes in a bag, you ask? Geez, that's the simple part. It's making sure everyone at home is set up and able to function in my absence that's slowing me down.

I am the chief organizer and chef in residence at our house. It sounds much grander than it really is. It just means everything that has to be done on any given day is written in my planner and it's my job to make sure everyone gets to where they need to go with whatever they need. It also means I know the answer to the ever present question, "What is there to eat? I'm hungry!" As a result the thought of me not being here is causing a bit of panic.

To make things easier for everyone and to prevent the budget from being blown completely, I've begun making meals to get them through the first week. Aside from being time consuming, this is mentally exhausting, because I'm trying not to leave any food prep steps out as I write out instructions for reheating these meals.

I love cooking and there's a calm that goes along with knowing that most culinary problems, except the giant crater in the middle of your cake, can be fixed. Besides, even cakes with craters taste good. However, that zen-like calm does not come easy to new and infrequent cooks. So everything is labeled with prep instructions and what to serve with it. With any luck the instructions that I write out for each night will be clear to everyone (at leat as clear as the instructions on a tv dinner, I hope).

So what's in the freezer so far?

Sliced gluten with applesauce to be served with steamed greens that are seasoned with a little toasted sesame oil and topped with sesame seeds

Red Beans with greens (recipe from 125 Best Vegetarian Slow cooker Recipes) to be served with cornbread

Red Lentil Roast to be served with sweet potatoes. Although, I haven't made the gravy yet.

3 loaves of Cornell Bread for quick breakfasts on the run

Now I've got to get back into the kitchen


Ruthie said...

you go girl! have fun at yoga training!!!

Anonymous said...

Have fun at yoga training--that is exciting! I am sure your family appreciates all the work you are doing prepping food :o)


Chile said...

Wow, have a great time at the training! We'll miss you, too, but at least you don't have to feed us...

Krista said...

Haha, I feel this way when I'm busy nursing my babe but want pasta so I'm instructing my hubby in the "proper" way to sauce it for me:

"Just a little olive oil. Oh, and some nutritional yeast and garlic powder. A dash of red pepper. Salt would be nice. I like sesame seeds."

Somehow it's less complicated for me to make it myself.