Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree With Anybody Else but Me...

..especially since I worked so hard to get all five of them planted this past weekend! It was a team effort actually that got 5 apple trees, 2 plum trees, 8 elderberries and 2 mulberry trees planted. So far everything from this planting looks like its doing well. After all the work everyone put in clearing, screening and digging they better do well!

On the other hand, I haven't seen so much as a sprout from my asparagus bed. It's really killing me.

My seedlings are coming up nicely but the vegetable garden beds remain to be done. I guess its next on my gardening to do list.

I made eye pillows for my yoga classes. They made their debut at yesterday's class. One of the women in the class insisted on buying one, even though I wasn't planning on selling them. Here's how to make your own. I skipped the lavender flowers and just used the essential oil and it worked out beautifully.


Yarrow said...

I am enjoying your blog and am envious of your fruit trees. Especially the elderberries, oh la la. Thanks for the diy eye pillow link. I will whip some up very soon. Blessings.

Krista said...

Ooooh, mulberries. I love 'em. I grew up with several mulberry trees on my farm. So good.

We had a love pair of mulberries, actually. A male and female tree entwined. Now when I see them I get all misty-eyed.

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