Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Using What You've Got

I have a real love of depression era and wartime rationing era recipes for the creativity they used in creating meals out of what was available. While the recipes themselves may not be veg, many are veg friendly since meat was more of a condiment in those times. At the very least, they give us an insight into combining things to stretch our food budget.

This leads nicely into something I've been reading about in the last Path to Freedom newsletter, Path to Freedom's 100 Foot Garden Challenge, which is reminiscent of victory gardens. I think its a great idea, although a real challenging one. Are you in?

Here are some interesting links to and about recipes from these time periods. They might even give some ideas for what we'd like to grow for the 100 foot garden challenge:

Two Depression Era Cake Recipes that are vegan if you substitute oil or margarine for the lard

Depression Era Recipes Don't Have to Be Depressing

Great Depression Recipes

Food Timeline 1930's 1940's is very interesting as well. I'm always amazed that stewed prunes turns up on all of these menus.

Homemaking Depression Style

A Peek at the Push for Victory Gardens with original posters and text

Making Do - Check out the Mock Duck recipe on this site

Check out the Mock Goose and Mock Black Pudding recipes

Wartime Recipes


Ruthie said...

Katie ~

What a great post. I look forward to looking through these links. :)

I have a similar interest with pioneer times that's been budding lately. It's always such a nice reprieve to think of living in a time where there wasn't a global warming problem because there was no electricity and when there wasn't over crowded landfills because people used EVERYTHING that we consider waste!


Heather said...

I started reading your blog about a month ago and find you down to earth and inspiring. I am also a veggie mama with 4 kids, like crafts(not always good at them but enjoy the learning process.), also a bit of a health nut. I am attempting the process of living more frugally as we live off of one income.

As I type this post out here in Kentucky, it is nice to know there are others out there with similar ideas. People to learn from. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I am going to do the gardening challenge with my backgarden - going to donate some of the ornamental plants on freecycle, getting rid of an old (tin shed from WWII) and growing some vegetables. I am new to this so the link sounds really interesting.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the links!!

Katie said...

Thanks Ruthie. Have you ever read Helen Nearings cookbook, Simple Foods for the Good Life? Actually, any of Scott and Helen Nearings books talk about living a pioneer lifestyle in a modern world.

Welcome Heather. I think finding others with common interests and ideas is the best part of the blogging world.

Mel, sometimes challenges like this one are so motivating. Good luck!

Your welcome Johanna.

Chile said...

Great links. I remember snow ice cream, too. It was wonderful! I had to laugh, though, at the Grilled Pigeon recipe. My sweetie and I often remark, when we pass under the power lines filled with pigeons on our walks, that there's a good chance people will be looking at them as food at some point in time. They would be remarkably easy to trap. 'Course being a vegan means I will never be looking at them that way!

Wildside said...

Thanks for the links. I bookmarked one to look at later!