Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Curtain is Hung

I'm always apprehensive when I hang a curtain for the first time. Friday night I got the curtain rod and mounting hardware for the tv room curtain. As I mentioned before, it had to be strong enough to hold a heavy curtain without bending in the middle. We went with a wood rod with balls on the end and the decorative mounting bracket. It cost about $34 which seemed like a lot to me until I realized that was the cost of the whole window covering project for that room.

Now that the curtain is in place it gives the room a warm finished look. It also seemed to hold the heat in as the evening cooled down. I'm glad that I waited to make the tie back until the curtain was in place. I was able to play around with different positions until I found the best one and now I know exactly how long I need to make it.

My sister-in-law was visiting and didn't realize the curtain was originally a bedspread which was a relief (you jump in with your two cents any time Audrey!)


Audrey said...

I loved the curtain. Due to its weight I thionk it will be very effective at its job as cold stopper. Due to its sytle I think it will be very effective as show stopper. I predict many compliments coming your way.

Katie said...

Thanks Audrey!