Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Inner Peace?

I'm sitting, sipping coffee, still in my pjs as I type this. The mania of packing bookbags, lunches and the inevitable scurry to catch the bus is over for this morning. I need to catch my breath before attacking the rest of my day.

Ruthie's yoga revelation yesterday reminded me how much I could use to slow down and take some time for my own yoga revelation. Actually, I'm not looking for a revelation today. I'd settle instead for a feeling of calm and well being. I think I'll roll out my yoga mat and sneak some yoga in before I hit the shower. You won't rat me out for not being overtly productive for a few minutes, will you?

I love all the frugal things I do. I enjoy the challenge of finding new ways to deal with problems, food and otherwise. Right now I just need to recharge.

This past Sunday the womens gym I managed closed. I'd been a member since September 2001 and an instructor since September 2003. Seeing that gym almost completely empty was the saddest thing I'd seen in a long time. It was a place where we made friends and shared with them joys, sorrows, successes and failures. Together we had babies, nursed family members through sickness, lost family members and watched our kids grow. We tried new things and held onto things we loved. Ultimately, we became a family.

Now moving day has come and gone. All of our equipment and classes have been moved to the main building. In fact, a good portion of the equipment is still sitting in the lobby. The floor in our aerobics room won't be done until Friday so we're teaching classes in a huge echoing gymnasium. Our members are feeling angry and displaced. There's only so much PR work I can do because I'm feeling angry and displaced too.

Change is inevitable and its not always bad. I know in a few weeks this won't be such a big deal and there certainly are positive aspects to working in the main facility. Most staff have been very kind and supportive to us and even though I gave up managing, everyone wants my opinion on how to make things better for all. Later, when I'm not feeling so raw, I might see this as a really positive change. But right now, I need to find some inner peace and calm, so to the mat I go.

Later this morning, I intend to go on a freezing binge that includes the hot peppers and tomatillos that have been mocking me since last Tuesday.



Ruthie said...

Katie ~

I'm sorry to hear about the change. Sometimes things don't work out for the best, but at least they work themselves out.

Good luck with your inner alka seltzer :-)


Katie said...

Thanks Ruthie!