Friday, April 24, 2009

Don't Pitch It, Stitch It!

High on the success of the sock project, that is my new motto. I'm happy to report the rescued tube socks were given the thumbs up by Robert even after a full day of use, including several laps around the school track. My only concern was that the new seam might be irritating but my worries were unfounded. I love little victories like this.

Another frugal victory came my way earlier this week via my local online recycling group. Someone was giving away two rain barrels like the ones pictured here. I can't wait to get them set up. The two downspouts on our house are conveniently located very close to both the asparagus bed (which still has nothing sprouting) and the elderberry bed.

This weekend we'll get our potatoes planted. They've been sitting out by a window for the last two weeks growing eyes in preparation for planting. We're going to grow them in a mix of mulch hay, compost and a bit of soil.

I feel a lot of pressure with this garden since we opted not to join the CSA this year. I have really mixed feelings about this. I'll feel better once our last frost date passes and the plants are actually in the ground.

I was hoping to make a cold frame with old windows. Old windows and storm windows are one of those things that repeatedly pop up on online recycling groups and craigslist. Unfortunately there are none listed right now, unless I want to drive an hour away. I'm holding out for something closer to home. I'll just keep checking. At moments like this I need to remind myself, patience is a frugal virtue.

Rhonda Jean's post about simple drawstring bags really got my wheels turning. I love the idea of replacing the plastic containers I currently keep my homemade bread in with linen bags, especially since many of the containers are in really sad shape. Check out the links she provided to inspire and guide you. And remember, its not nice to outbid me as I try to procure some vintage linen tea towels on ebay to make the above mentioned bags! I'm also keeping an eye out for a bread box to use along with the bags. More on that as it unfolds.

Happy Weekend to All!


Ruthie said...

Yay! I lolooovvvee some of those bags. I'm thinking of what I could use bags for around here. Def. bean/grain/other bulk food purchases. Those bags with the see thru window are so cute. Also we often buy green bananas and leave them out. Those could use a bag.

I cant believe you didnt join the CSA this year! Woah!!! You're like the biggest CSA proponent ever! :-)

Katie said...

Well I did join the apple CSA and the fiber CSA but we opted to give vegetable growing a try on our own. Part of it had to do with the drive time and part with the fact that the CSA wasn't in dire need of members anymore. (The decision wasn't as simple as that but you get the idea.) Now I'm stressed!!

Krista said...

About he seam in the socks. If they ever do turn out to be irritating you can have the seam on the right side of the sock. You usually wear shoes so most people won't see it.

Katie said...

That's a good idea!