Friday, February 28, 2014

Simple Brilliance - The Clay Creature

We all need some moments of simple brilliance. I'm talking about little inspirations that are delightfully simple but make our daily tasks so much easier. I came upon one last night while taking a sewing class.

During the class, we used a variety of found objects for pattern weights; specifically, clean stones, cast iron figurines and antique irons. I woke this morning with a desire to get started cutting out a skirt pattern that I've been wanting to make and a feeling of competence about doing it. But what to do about the pattern weights? I'm not digging up stones in 12 degree weather. One of those kitschy antique irons would be nice but I don't want or need to spend money on them.

Right about then my eyes landed on a clay creature that my son made in elementary school. I believe he called it super pig. There are several of these clay creatures collecting dust around my house. The makers don't care much if they are displayed or stored but I'm going to dig these babies out of hiding and gather them in my sewing room to use as pattern weights.

I have solved the problem of, "what the hell do I do with this?" and my lack of pattern weights. As a result I'm feeling simply brilliant. Happy Friday to all!

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