Sunday, September 04, 2005

Bye Bye, So Long, Farewell...

I can't believe that summer vacation is finally coming to an end. We've spent the evening packing the car and cleaning. Tomorrow we go home to start our "real life" again. Our experiment with simple summer living in the mountains has been wonderful, I'm addicted. We'll leave tomorrow morning with a car load of memories to warm us through the winter.

Real life starts with a bang Monday as we have our food cooperative pickup. In an effort to conserve a bit of gas, we'll be picking up on our way home from the mountains. Tomorrow night I'll be putting away 25 pound bags of lentils and 50 pounds of rolled oats.

Tuesday at the CSA we increase our number of shares from 2 to 3. They'll be a lot of canning and freezing in my future. Tuesday I also go back to work.

Wednesday is the first day of school. By the time I'm sending kids off on the school bus, this pristine mountain paradise will just be a happy memory to savor over my morning coffee.

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