Friday, September 16, 2005

A Frugal Confession

About 20 years ago I stole my Dad's Atra razor. I didn't really steal it, I just kept using it on my legs which in turn tore up his face. I think he finally just gave up and got another one. When I moved out I took the razor with me. I still have that razor and guess what? Blades for it are just about the cheapest out there.

Okay, its not pink or fancy, it only has two blades (although I remember being thrilled by that) but it is completely functional and since its all metal its not likely to break. After trying to find a reasonably priced razor that wasn't disposable for my daughters, I've turned to ebay to find a couple of old Atras like my own.

I'm looking for time tested quality not a pretty pink, curvy handle. I mean honestly, who sees your razor? So thanks to my Dad for letting me keep the razor all those years ago!

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