Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Lentils & Split Peas, Let Me Count the Ways I Love Thee

We're all still adjusting to the kids being back in school. This year everyone has homework and with two kids in the elementary school, one in middle school and one in high school, I'm feeling a little fragmented. I've been so busy making sure everyone else is up to speed that some of my things have fallen behind, namely dinner preparation.

Several times since school started I've gotten to 5pm and discovered that I haven't soaked any beans or given any thought to dinner at all! Because of this, I've developed a new love of the quick cooking legumes, lentils and split peas. In just about an hour I can have a meal on the table using these. If I use my pressure cooker, I can have them done even quicker. Soups, Indian dishes and legume loaves (think meatloaf) are just a few ways to use these quick versatile legumes.

Having quick cooking legumes and grains on hand helps stave off fast food runs that blow the food budget.

I'm off tomorrow so I'm hoping to get a little more organized.

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