Monday, February 12, 2007

A Few Pictures & Why The Skinny Quilt is Not Worth Adding To

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Ruthie wondered if it would be possible to add fabric to the skinny quilt to make it wider. Its a great suggestion but I don't think its worth the effort in this case. The quilts are a bit uneven and lumpy/bumpy because I didn't realize that the edges of storebought quilts usually have the batting rolled. Amy Dacyzyn describes this in detail in the Complete Tightwad Gazette.

This rolling creates a thicker edge or, in the case of a quilt that's been cut down the middle, three thick edges and one skinny one. I suspect adding on to it would make the skinny edge look even skinnier while making the fatter edge look even fatter. I guess what I'm really saying is, it would look shabby and while I'm into frugal, I'm not into looking low quality. This project was clearly a freshman effort at frugality.

Part of what I love about living a frugal life is being able to wow people with my creative solutions. When I made the kitchen towel rack out of an old barbeque grill grate, I was tickled because the finish product looks nothing like the raw materials.

I like Jacq's idea of using them as curtain panels. The skinnier edges could match up in the center making them look more deliberate. Plus I still have the matching pillow cases which could become tie backs. Part of being frugal is looking at old things in new ways.

Here's a peek at the dreaded skinny quilt

Here's a peek at one of the the blankets I crocheted for the boys last year.

Here's a peek at the denim quilt, no peeking at the mess on the floor around the quilt!


Anonymous said...

Your denim quilt is awesome. I think it turned out so great.

Jacq said...

I have a lot of saved denim to make a denim quilt. I won't admit how long I have been saving it though! LOL I was going to use colourful yarn to tie it with. Hopefully used bits that I can get from my mother (who knits and crochets the two crafts that I do not do! LOL).

Is it possible for you to reuse the skinny quilts as curtain panels? Quilts are great for insulating windows.

Katie said...

Thanks Crystal!


I confess, I've been saving denim a long time. What a great idea to use the skinny quilts as curtain panels! I was just thinking the sheer curtains in the computer room had to be replaced with something heavier.