Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Odds & Ends

It looks like the Hudson Valley is going to get its first real snow storm tonight. I'm actually rather psyched about it. The only catch is it has to be enough to shut everything down otherwise it will just be a big pain in my behind.

I did another bulk cooking on Sunday, although this one wasn't as much fun as the others since I mostly worked alone. I'm really enjoying the way bulk cooking has taken pressure off of weeknight cooking. This time I made:
several batches of apple muffins
a quadruple batch of Isa's seitan
2 Red Lentil Loaves plus one batch cooked in muffin tins to try in the lunchbox
a large batch of kidney beans
6 loaves of Barbara's bread

The rest of the family was spread throughout the house working on other projects like laundry and vacuuming.

Jim was installing towel bars in the bathroom to replace the hooks that had seemed like such a good idea but never let the towels dry. In the process of taking down the hooks, Jim discovered that he hadn't painted behind them. When he went to get the can of pain to touch things up he made another discovery. I had used that paint when I mixed up leftover paints to paint the boys room. Fortunately, we had more of the darker green paint that we'd used on the cabinets and we were able to use that on the walls. Since the ceiling is white, it really doesn't make the room look small. Ultimately, I may sponge over it with some white to brighten it up.


Jacq said...

We used to have hooks in our old bathroom. They were sort of antique hooks that we salvaged from the old style closet that was in the master bedroom (the other rooms didn't even have closets and we had wardrobes in there).

Our towels dried fine but the hooks were right over the radiator. Now we still use hooks but each person hangs their towel in their own room.

Katie said...

Our hooks were over the baseboard heat which did a great job drying them until we more or less stopped using the oil burner. Now that we heat primarily with the woodstove, the towels on the hooks just stayed wet and got stinky. Obviously, they could have been hung by the woodstove (mine and Jim's always were) but the kids couldn't seem to master this. Oh and Rob used two of the hooks like chin up bars and tipped them out which pushed the issue a bit.

Anonymous said...

When you make a bunch of beans, do you freeze some? Last time I froze beans (plain) I was not happy with the texture. I have not had any problems freezing bean soups.