Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Room Painting Update

I chickened out yesterday. When faced with a wall of seven zillion paint chips, I couldn't make a decision. The boys wanted green. I brought home some chips they picked and decided to get Jim's opinion before actually buying the paint. This morning we had picked out a color, although we were still waffling when Jim suggested we see what paint we already had in the house.

It turns out we had quite a bit. We were able to mix the paints together to make a beautiful shade of green for the boys' room! As a bonus, it looks like there's enough paint here to mix a shade of lavender for my new computer room as well. We didn't spend any money and that's a few less cans of paint that will wind up in a landfill down the road.

A word of caution on paint mixing, we only combined indoor laytex paints. I'm not certain if you could add oil based paint to the mix or not. Amy Dacyzyn discusses this in greater detail inThe Complete Tightwad Gazette if anyone is looking for more info.

The first coat of paint is up already. Its a beautiful breezy day in NY so once I'm done blogging, I'll be putting a second coat on. I'm hoping to have some of the furniture moved in tonight, although the boys won't move their beds in until tomorrow. I think when this painting/paint is done I'm going to explore some less toxic/stinky paint options.

I was able to get the rug steamed last night, except for the spot where the dresser was. That's been moved so I'll steam that spot later tonight as well. I'm psyched that things are falling into place with all this room swapping.

I had red beans cooking overnight in the slow cooker. This morning I added the rest of the ingredients. I'm modifying a spicy bean with chorizo recipe. I'm anxious to see how this recipe turns out. The original recipe called for chorizo but I'm substituting a recipe for vegan chorizo from Vegan with a Vengeance. I'll let you know.

I made a huge batch of Mac Uncheese last night. I added steamed broccoli and carrots as well. The leftovers made a fantastic quick lunch along with dried fruit (papaya, figs and apricots.)

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