Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Recycling Your Food

The point of yesterday's ramblings about food was, food from one meal can be recycled into a new meal with a little creativity. Its a great way to save time on a busy weekend or a hectic night.

Of course simply making a large amount of one food with the intention of using it at multiple meals works well also. For example, the leftover pasta dish became lunch yesterday and there was enough leftover Pasta Fagioli for us to have it as dinner last night. (It was a very hearty soup.) Not worrying about cooking allowed me to help the girls get their old room completely empty. Once empty it was clear the room desperately needs to be painted.

Jim spent this morning spackling the seven million thumbtack holes in the wall. I'm heading out to buy paint. By the way, if you're interested in my frugal perspective on paint, don't get cheap paint. In my experience cheap paint doesn't cover and it doeasn't hold up well to cleaning. Later today, I'll steam the rug in there. (Check out the March 13th post for more info on cleaners I use.) The plan is to jump up tomorrow morning and get the whole room painted before Jim goes to work.

Tonight, I'll be replenishing the quick grab food since there's no leftovers left. Knowing that I'll be busy all morning, I'll plan my lunch and dinner for tomorrow tonight. I anticipate lunch will be cooking in the slow cooker while dinner will probably make use of the pressure cooker. I'll also be tinkering with the banana bread recipe, seeing if I can get the liquid proportions right when I substitute blackstrap molasses for half of the sugar.

Tomorrow's post will be up after lunch because of the painting.


Vegan Momma said...

I love recycling meals. Monday's marinated tofu was "Recycled" and incoporated into the lunch I made today. I added yellow onion, broccoli, and cherry tomatoes. It was delicious!

Katie said...