Friday, April 14, 2006

Bunkbed Adventures and Final Easter Basket Plans

The boys slept in their new room last night thanks to a great deal of help from their sisters. My neighbors got all the entertainment they could handle as they watched us pull the seperated bunkbeds out one bedroom window, walk along the deck and then shove them in the new bedroom window.

Of course it didn't go quite that smoothly and our cat, Milo, sitting on the deck rail rubbing on us and meowing as we hoisted the beds around didn't help. Milo just didn't understand the possible consequences of huge pieces of moving furniture and the 15 foot fall that he might endure as a result. Cats, they think they know everything!

There's still more cleaning to do and I still need to get Jim to run a phone line into my new room. We've agreed to take a break over the weekend and just relax. We'll continue our adventures in moving furniture on Monday.

I've gotten my Easter basket plans just about wrapped up. I liked Ruthie's idea about using graped in the chocolate/shredded wheat baskets but since I could only find organic grapes with pits, I opted for dried cranberries instead. My kids love them. This keeps with my goal of making it a healthier holiday. I really like combining foods in ways that makes it enjoyable but still healthful.

On a side note, I'm almost finished with Disease Proof Your Child; Feeding Kids Right by Dr Joel Furhman. Its a very interesting and informative book. He really does a wonderful job of making you concious of the foods you put in your body, your kids' bodies and the effects these foods have on overall health. When I'm done blogging, Kyle, Am and I will be making Date Nut Pop'Ems. We made this once before and I'm not certain what the boys enjoyed more, making them or eating them.

I was able to get frisbees for 99 cents each so I'll be using them in place of baskets. To do this, turn the frisbee upside down so its like a plate. Cut a paper bag into strips and fold the strips about 1/2 inch wide. (Its really up to you how thick you make these strips.) Have someone else hold the ends and braid three together to make a handle. Attach the handle to the underside of the frisbee (which is really the top of the frisbee) and fill with treats. There's no waste except for the handle and you don't have to store a basket for next year.

I'll be enjoying my family this weekend so there will be no posts this weekend. I'll be back with a new post Monday morning.


Anonymous said...

Never heard of that book, but am a fan of Dr Joel Furhman. Just thought I'd delurk and let you know I enjoy your blog. :-)


Jacq said...

I did a no-basket, basket this year too. We picked up small stackable bins with covers. They are perfect for storing dinkies or lego or k'nex. I figured they might as well be useful and like you I didn't want to have to store them.

For the healthy component of their Easter treats we put in fruit leather. The kids actually ate that first and told me that it was really yummy. :)

Katie said...

Glad to have you along Ellen. I'd only heard of Dr Joel Furhman recently on

Jacqeline, glad to hear I'm not the only one. I forgot all about fruit leather! That's a good idea as well.