Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Easter Baskets and the Kids

I was really hoping to have my Easter plans wrapped up by today. I've got the ideas now but I still need to get everything together. I'm not the official cook this Easter so the plans I'm sharing revolve around the kids baskets. If you need meal ideas check out Animal-Friendly Easter Menu: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Dessert from COK or Peta's Easter Cooking. I'm hoping to sneak out after work tomorrow for an hour and get a few supplies.

I like some of the ideas that Jennifer shared on the Vegan Lunchbox a few days ago. I especially like the one from veganmum. I'm planning to make some little nests like she describes out of shredded wheat, coconut and chocolate and fill them with a few vegan jelly beans or chocolate. We usually do one small gift to go along with the baskets but this year I'm a little stumped. In the past we've found that flip flops are perfect for this but the girls just bought flip flops last week. The boys will still get them but I think I might get sunglasses for the girls. I'm also considering skipping the baskets altogether and using frisbees to hold the chocolate nests instead.

No matter what, I'll be making some of Ruthie and Russell's Old Fashioned Vegan Fudge recipe. Thank you Ruthie for posting it!


Ruthie said...

Woohoo! Katie, I just remembered, How It All Vegan has a recipe for REECES peanut butter cups! I was thinking I might try those. :-D You know what might be cute in those little cups? Grapes! (Maybe?) Ok :-D

Katie said...

Its so funny that you mention that, I just made peanut butter cups last night!