Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Guess Where I'm Typing This From??

I am typing this post from my new room! I think my secret for success in a project like this is that I realize, sometimes you just have to dive in and get started. There rarely is a perfect moment to start anything around here. Ultimately, I'd love to have a solid block of time to bring the project start to finish with few interuptions. Being a mother of four, this is not likely to happen.

Instead, I get everybody into the act. The girls helped move furniture and the boys helped move food into the new pantry. Even poor Jim got in the act. He walked in the door last night and was handed a drill so he could reassemble my craft table. Slowly the room where we piled everything is getting cleared out.

Last night we gave tempeh a try in Tempeh-Herb Sandwiches from the Compassionate Cook. It was the first time we actually enjoyed tempeh.

Today was food pick up from our food coop. I've got bags of lentils, black beans, rye flour and more to put away. Dinner tonight is a bit of a treat. I rarely buy premade veggie burgers but my families' favorite are Soyboy Okara Burgers. They were on sale this month so I broke down and bought a case. We'll be having the burgers with oven roasted French Fries and Carrots. The temperature has begun to drop in NY so there may be soup on the menu as well.


Barbara said...

You know, this past week I tried making Tempeh bacon and tempeh sausage crumbles from Vegan with a Vengance. They came out okay, but I just couldn't get past the texture of the tempeh. It tasted strange.


Katie said...

Tempeh is definitely not in my list of favorite veg foods. In all my past experiences, its had an odd taste as well, almost metallic.

This recipe called for you to cube the tempeh and boil it before using it in the recipe. I suspect it must draw out some of the odd taste but I'm really not sure.

About once a year I buy a package of tempeh to see if I still dislike it. Even though we liked it this time, I'm still not likly to buy it again for another year.