Monday, April 10, 2006

What a Weekend!

We were so busy this weekend that it barely felt like a weekend at all. The girls are sleeping in their new room, although their old room currently qualifies as a disaster area. By tonight the girls' old room will be empty, vacuumed and either ready for a paint job or ready for the boys to move in. I can't tell for sure. Thanks to some help from my father in law, the girls' new closet is finished as well.

The boys helped me plant the Jerusalem Artichokes yesterday. I'm wondering how they'll do because the bulbs didn't seem to be in the best shape. I have to wait a few days to plant the potatoes because they need to be exposed to light to encourage sprouting before they are planted.

Food was definitely not foremost in my mind this weekend. We started each day with a big breakfast; things like banana pancakes, potato scramble, breakfast patties made from whatever leftovers were in the fridge, banana strawberry smoothie, Russell's TVP breakfast style. Saturday's lunch was leftovers from the night before, cheered up with some tortilla chips and salsa. Dinner on Saturday was split pea soup, made in the pressure cooker, and served with the leftover tvp from breakfast. I also made potato biscuits (using leftover potato scramble from breakfast).

Lunch never quite happened on Sunday but we didn't eat breakfast until almost noon and no one really seemed to notice. By dinner time we were starving. We started with Pasta Fagioli from the Lorna Sass book made in the pressure cooker. I also made pasta with a quick chunky vegetable sauce and a little tvp (Russell's recipe again). Tvp is such a great quick protein source. I'm really loving the pressure cooker.

I'm no closer to having Easter baskets done but I'm kicking around some ideas. I'll be sharing them in Wednesday's post.


Ruthie said...

Ha! Just decided to boast about you becoming a TVP and pressure cooker convert. Frugal convinence is excellent. :-D

Russell gets out early tomorrow so I'll try to talk him into the fudge making. I doubt it will be difficult. I'll post on here if we get the instructions up!


Katie said...

Thanks Ruthie!

Ruthie said...

Fudge recipe is up! :-D