Saturday, April 01, 2006


Smoothies got discussed a bit in yesterday's comments and some recipes were shared. I thought others might be interested so I've decided to share our favorite smoothie recipe. Bear in mind that my blender is a Vitamix and holds about 8 cups, so you may want to cut things down for a regular blender.

I've found the secret to a great smoothie is over ripe bananas. They lend a mellow sweetness that can't be beat. Buy them on sale, let them get spotty and when you can stand it no more, peel and freeze them in whatever portion size is useful to you.

My Favorite Smoothie
4 frozen bananas
1/2 cup frozen strawberries (about four big ones)
Place these in the blender jar and fill half way with soymilk (I prefer plain but vanilla works also). Fill the rest of the way with water, making sure to leave enough room for the blender to froth up. Blend until its a combined frosty delight.

I've also used mixed berries and just blueberries instead of the strawberries but hands down, strawberries are the favorite. If I was making this as a solo breakfast I would use all soymilk and skip the water. Adding the water makes it a little lighter and more refreshing.

What's you're favorite smoothie recipe?


Kim said...

Kim's Power Shake

1 banana
1 c. frozen strawberries
.5 c. soymolk
.5 c. yogurt
2 tbsp wheat germ (heaping)
2 tbsp oatmeal (heaping)

Bleand really well (I'm jealous of your vita mix!) This makes a very think shake. If you blend really well the oatmeal and wheat germ seem to almost disappear. This is a breakfast that really sticks with you!

Jacq said...

I make mine pretty much like yours only I add orange juice instead of water. Very yummy. :)

Katie said...

Those both sound good. I've never tried adding oatmeal, wheat germ or flax to my smoothies. I'll have to give it a try.

As for the Vitamix, its worth every penny. I wonder sometimes how I ever lived with just a regular blender.

Bananarama said...

1 cup soymilk (usually Silk)
1 frozen banana
1 Tbs peanut butter
1 Tbs ground flaxseed
A little bit of honey
Sometimes some cocoa powder

I don't like the taste of flaxseed, but in this smoothie I can't even tell it's in there!

Anonymous said...

1 frozen banana
handful of frozen organic strawberries
or strawberries + blueberries
or strawberries + mango
1/2 c. plain soymilk
splash of juice (optional)
1/3 c. vanilla yogurt
small handful cashews
1 Tbsp flax seed oil
2 ice cubes

Drank this almost every morning once I got past my first trimester. A good way to get flax, protein, calcium, and C all at once.

Katie said...

Ooo, those sound good as well. I love the idea of cashews. YUM! Thanks for sharing.

Vegan Momma said...

I love smoothies! I make something similar for my daughter. Her favorite is banana, strawberry, blackberries, mango, and vanilla bean. Occasionally I add pineapple instead of mango that is a close second. :-)

Katie said...

Vegan Momma,
I have to try pineapple, that sounds really good. Do you use the whole vanilla bean in the smoothie?