Friday, March 31, 2006

A Baking Soda Tip

Okay I have a confession to make, I never sift my flour when I bake. Shun me if you must. However, having made a pumpkin bread one time that had very unappetizing and bitter lumps of baking soda in it, I do pulverize my baking soda, usually with the back of the measuring spoon. I recently discovered a more effective, less time consuming way to make sure no baking soda lumps end up in my baked goods.

I use a metal strainer that has a very fine mesh. I've had it in my cabinet as long as I can remember although I really can't remember using it before. I just place it over the bowl, put the baking soda into it and run the spoon over it until just the fine powder falls into the bowl. Perfection and it didn't cost me a penny.


Rachel B. said...

i have to remember to do this, i always have bitter lumps in my baked goods. i made mango muffins yesterday, with coconut milk, and they were moist and delicious. keeping kosher means having to make substitutions like that to make things non-dairy!
lately i've been really into making my own refried beans. just made some for breakfast!

Barbara said...

That's a good idea. I have one of those strainers too, which I hardly ever use.

On another subject, I have been trying to find a smoothie recipe I like. I buy Trader Joes plain soymilk, which I like fine in cereal and for cooking. BUt the taste in smoothies is awful to me.

My Waring Pro can handle frozen fruit, ice cubes, whatever. I just can't find a recipe that I can actually drink.


Bananarama said...

I'm having the same problem w/ smoothies. I don't like the mixture of soymilk and fruit (except bananas) together.

I usually blend soymilk, a banana, peanut butter, honey, and some ground flaxseed. That always tastes good to me!

AnnMarie said...

My Mom always sifted her dry ingredients, hence as a child I did, too. I stopped doing it as an adult (for the most part). So, I'm with you on not sifting flour! I just stir my dries really well. (I don't use mixers. I realized as a teenager that it was possible to mix cookie dough or cake recipes up with a wooden spoon and I've rarely used a mixer since. We do own a hand mixer which I believe has only been used for mashed potatoes. Every little bit of electricity saved is great. Plus, it's a little more exercise, too!)

Ruthie said...

I dont sift flour either, but How It All Vegan suggests whisking it in the bowl with a wire wisk, and I do that sometimes when Im making a light batter (cake or brownies).

Russell's Amazing Smoothie Recipe:
Add to the blender in this order: 1/3 c soymilk, 2 tbs-1/4 c apple or grape juice concentrate, 3 bananas (frozen), 1 cup frozen peaches, 1 tbs vanilla flavored protein powder. Blend. If its not creamy enough, add another banana.

Ruthie's favorite breakfast smoothie: Blend 1/2 frozen banana, 1 cup soymilk, 1 cup frozen strawberries, peaches, cantalope, or blueberries or a combination, 1/2 tbs vanilla protein powder, and 5 ice cubes. Blend on ice-crusher mode.

Katie said...

I'm a big fan of my wire whisk. I've got to find a heavy wooden spoon for mixing though. It seems all I can find are the dinky dollar store type.

As for the smoothie question, I'll make it a new post so others who are interested can see.