Friday, March 03, 2006

Update on My Mitten Project

I started tracing the pattern on the sweater to make the mittens when I was struck with an idea. I wondered if it would be possible to make mittens out of Am's old winter jacket. I had already taken the zipper off of it for another project and had been wondering what to do with it.

The short answer to the question is yes, you can make mittens from an old winter coat. However, as near as I can tell it takes more planning than the original sweater mitten project. I got one pair made and here's what I learned along the way.

First of all, don't try to cut through all the layers of fabric at once. The ones closest to the back get all oddly shaped and smaller than you intended. Second, you can fill in where the batting has separated with batting from another part of the jacket. Third, because of the thickness of these your pattern needs to be much larger than for sweater mittens.

The first pair was intended for my 6 year old, who has big hands. It wound up fitting my 5 year old, who has tiny hands. I'm going to try to make one more pair but ultimately I think my original plan of using the sweater is more workable. I'll keep you updated.

Yesterday, I visited The Post Punk Kitchen and discovered some really good recipes. I made French Lentil Soup with Tarragon and Thyme. It was tasty and it used some tarragon that I accidentally bought last year and never opened.


sadie said...

These mittens sound great! Thank you for the birthday wishes. 35 seems a lot younger to me now than it used to. And I am still wondering when I will feel like an actual "grown up" :)
Do you have the Sarah Kramer books? I borrowed two from the library and am very excited about trying some of the recipes. Just wondering if you had particular favorites.

Harmonia said...

Glad you enjoyed my funny mushroom story! :) Health issues are scaring the hell out of me lately. Esp. Diabetes, Cholsteral, etc. That is why I am trying to cross the line to vegan even more now...sure I hate factory farms but add up all the reasons and it makes sense.

I mess up from time to time but I am trying and eating less dairy and know I am getting healthier...I must be.

Thanks for your comment, again.


Tommy Goat said...

I like mittens even more than kittens . .

Katie said...

I agree, 35 seemed much older when I was much younger! I still feel like I'm playing grown up a lot of the time.

I have How It All Vegan and I really like it. I like most of her recipes. Her pancake recipes are especially great. Actually, the only recipe I've tried that was a stinker was her Oatmeal Bread.

I know what you mean. Health issues and acceptable levels of pus in milk are what pushed us over the line from veg to vegan. Its a process and it takes time.

Hey Tom,
I didn't know you liked kittens at all.