Thursday, March 02, 2006

Its a Snow Day!

I sometimes wonder if I'm the only parent in the northeast that gets as excited as her kids do when its a snow day. The first flake hasn't even fallen yet but they've cancelled school already. I don't have to worry about work because as soon as school is cancelled, my morning classes are cancelled. Isn't my job the most mom-friendly job you ever heard of?

I've got big plans for the day. I finally did trace my sons' hands to make the pattern for the mittens. Today, I'll be cutting them out and maybe even sewing a few. If I can just get over my fear/mistrust of the sewing machine, I might get them all sewn. Maybe I'll let my 13 yr old give me a lesson since she's the resident sewing machine whiz. BTW, check out this link for other ideas on recycling/reusing clothes you already have.

Jim brought home episodes of the Monkees from the library. The kids all love the show, maybe we'll sneak one in later today. Wouldn't the Monkees and a bowl of popcorn be the perfect way to celebrate a snow day?

Here is a very simple soup that I made yesterday. I posted it this morning on the HVCC list I belong to, sorry for any duplication.

two large onions and saute on stove top in a little olive oil until soft. I add a little water when necessary to prevent sticking.

Put onions in slow cooker along with:
6 potatoes cut into small cubes
1 bag of frozen corn

Add enough water to just cover the potatoes and corn. Cover slow cooker and let cook all day. RIght before serving blend about two cups of the soup and add 1 cup plain soymilk. Return everything to slow cooker and mix well to combine. Serve and enjoy!

Added Note:

You might want to add salt or pepper or both to this. For whatever reason, my family likes this as is but it can be a bit bland for some. A tablespoon of tamari would be a nice addition to the pot as well.

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