Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Diving Into the Paper Piles

I'm very excited. Yesterday I ordered Vegan with a Vengeance, The Garden of Vegan and La Dolce Vegan. It was my reward to myself for completing the nutrition class. Besides, the money I made more than covered the cost of the books.

Jim's off today but the kids are not. We're hoping to get a jump on decluttering things in preparation for the room swapping. I'm the biggest offender, I'm a junk collector at heart. I'm hoping to focus on cleaning the cabinet where I keep my cookbooks and the piles of paper on and around my desk.

Jim came up with a great idea for dealing with school related clutter. We're going to hang a bulletin board in the kitchen. School work can be hung on it during the week but Monday morning it all comes down in preparation for the next weeks stuff. We did this when the girls were little but I'd forgotten. It really does work well.

Tonight I'm hoping to try Russell's TVP sausage possibly on a veggie pizza since I already have the dough made.


Shawn Powers said...

I just bought "Vegan with a Vengence" and really love it!

For new vegans like my wife and I, the parts in the beginning about how to get a well stocked pantry are SO WONDERFUL. We find ourselves struggling at the grocery -- so tips from seasoned veterans always help. :)

Oh, and hello -- I've been lurking at your blog for a while, I just realized this is my first comment. :)

Melissa L said...

I really enjoy your blog. We're trying to save money and I learn a lot from your posts. I got the VWV cookbook a few weeks ago and I love it. The vegan matzoh ball soup is fantastic although look on the website for some more info about the boiling process before you make it. Please let us know about the other books you bought and if you think that they're worth buying. Thanks.

Debbie said...

Whoa,I just ordered those books yesterday, too! Those and Vive la Vegan. Must be something in the air, I guess. ( has pretty good prices on them, do you have a better source for them?)

sadie said...

I think I may have to buy Vegan with a Vengence! I have heard lots of positive reviews. I have borrowed the other two from the library, I love Sarah Kramer. I just made the faux feta! It is great!. It will be so exciting when your books arrive. I love that.

Katie said...

Welcome Shawn!

I've already taken The Garden of Vegan of out the library a few times and really enjoyed it, although this will be my first time seeing La Dolce Vegan. Sarah Kramer hasn't led me astray yet so I have high hopes.

Thanks for the heads up on the matzoh ball soup.

That's pretty funny! I was using but when I checked over at, the order qualified for free shipping, making it about a dollar less, even though the book prices were a bit higher.

I tried to hold off as long as I could but its due back at the library on the 27th! You can get a really good feel fo the book by checking out her website