Monday, March 27, 2006

The Clearing Begins

It was a productive weekend. Sunshine and warmer weather are really motivating. We did get the bookshelves moved and one closet is mostly cleared out. We ecycled a huge box of records that my husband didn't want. (Don't fret record collectors, he's still got about 400 records and the collection continues to grow. These just didn't suit his tastes.) I found a box of cassettes that were mine in the 80's. I'm having a bit of a big hair and green eyeshadow flashback right now. I wonder if anyone would notice if I snuck a few cassettes into my car?

The girls spent a lot of time assessing and making fixes on some family games. I admire their frugal creativity, it makes me proud. My favorite example was when one them went tearing up the stairs to dig some pick up sticks out of a drawer so she could use them to make Kerplunk work again.

Jim even installed a new (to us) ceiling fan in the kitchen. I love ecycling! It even came with two working lightbulbs! Its the simple things that make me happy.

Dinner Saturday night was a lentil casserole that I've made a few times before. Nothing exciting, just basic nutrition that cooks in one pan with no human intervention beyond putting it in the oven. We had a big breakfast Sunday (apple pancakes, potato scramble and Russell's TVP sausage made with maple syrup, YUM) then headed to my parents house where this picture of my son and Biscuit was taken.

Today it seems the green boogy, cough monster is visiting my son so he'll be staying home from school. Funny thing is, he wants to go to school and is a little miffed that I'm keeping him home. He's fighting back by sitting on the floor next to me doing math problems. There's definitely a big pot of vegetable soup with garlic and a bit of red pepper being made today to help him beat back the boogies and cough. How many six year olds ask if you can make something spicy to help clear them up? Veggie kids say the darndest things!


Harmonia said...

The 80's...gotta love 'em!


I responded to your comments on my blog!

Stephanie said...

your son is adorable. and smart!! :)

Ruthie said...


Now, where is the rest of your family?!

Katie said...

Thanks guys! As for the rest of the family, I guess I'll have to work on that. I don't think my sister had any idea what she was getting herself into when she took that picture.