Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I Have Rules for a Reason

Somedays I feel more like the prison warden than mom. I have rules in the kitchen about what can be grabbed for a snack and what can not. The benefit of these rules is I can estimate how long a particular food will last based on planned usage.

Sounds technical, but think about something like a loaf of bread. When I left last night to teach my nutrition class, there was enough bread in the fridge for sandwiches for today. When I got home last night, there was not but I didn't discover this until this morning. (I suspect this was due to Jim's penchant for toast with a meal.) The result was a scramble to get food together for today's lunches and breakfasts at 6:30 this morning. Clearly, this will become a topic of conversation at dinner because I don't want any repeat performances in the near future.

On today's agenda, replenish the bread supply, make some breakfast muffins and get some laundry done. Check out Ruthie's pressure cooker ideas in yesterday's comments. I'm planning to give them a try tonight.

On a different note, I feel so much more relaxed now that the nutrition class is behind me. Its interesting, I should be tired because I got in late but I'm filled with energy, despite the list of things I need to do. I suspect its becase I can focus on my personal priorites today.


Bananarama said...


I love your blog! I've spent the past two days reading all the archived posts. You are an inspiration to the aspiring frugal vegan!

I'm 28 and single, but I hope to one day raise my kids like you do yours!

Katie said...

That may bethe highest compliment I've ever recieved. Thank you so much!

Barbara said...

Okay I know I'm a bit late with this, but thanks so much for posting about what you use for cleaning products.

I'm taking your suggestions and things I've found on the web and I'll be implementing them as we run out of our current supplies.

Now I need to find bottles to hold things I mix up. At Dollar Tree, I found some nice spray bottles with different kinds of cleaning solutions. I'll use up the solutions, and then I have some really nice bottles that can handle chemicals. I just need to find something for laundry detergent. We currently use liquid and I don't know if that will work. I did buy Borax and washing soda for when I need them. And so cheap!


The Homeschool Bookshelf said...

Hi there,
I'm new to blogger.com and I just love your blog! I have four boys that seem to eat all the time -- love the idea about enforcing limits on the foods you have "earmarked" for meals, etc. Great idea!

Katie said...

Hi Barbara,

Its never to late! I use a 9 # peanut butter container for my laundry soap but those big tubs that pretzels come in would work to. Or if you know someone with cats, the tubs that kitty litter sometimes comes in would be good also.

Welcome Diane,

I have two girls and two boys and boy can they eat. Enforcing limits has really helped save my sanity. Sometimes its the simplest ideas that make the most impact.