Monday, April 24, 2006

The Last Room is Painted

The final room to be painted, has been painted. Since it rained all weekend in NY we dragged the dehumidifier into the room to help speed the drying process. It worked like a charm. The boys help me concoct the color for the walls using several cans of leftover laytex paint. The room is now a beautiful shade of lavender.

Here's a space saving tip, put leftover paint for a particular room in the smallest jar it will fit in rather than keeping it in a bulky paint can. From painting the two rooms, we had enough leftover paint from each to fill a quart glass jars. They take up less space to store and you can see the color. Although, labeling the paint jar really takes the guesswork out if you do need to touch things up.

Knowing that we'd be busy with this project, we used the crock pot to make sure a hot meal was waiting for us at dinnertime. Breakfasts and lunches were equally simple. We stuck to oatmeal and almond butter and jelly sandwiches. Everyone has come to recognize that meals will be much simpler on days where we need to acomplish things and that helps a lot.

Tasha pitched in on Saturday and helped me make the Jerk Seitan recipe from Vegan with a Vengeance. She did most of the work, I just provided support as I ran back and forth sorting miscellaneous piles of junk that have resulted from all the room moving. It was a delicious treat.

Today's activities will revolve around getting my room set up. Tonight's dinner will reflect this. I'm planning on using the leftover bean dish that I made in the crockpot as the base for tonight's dinner.

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