Friday, April 07, 2006

Tinkering with Sweeteners & a Garden Update

I've been tinkering around with recipes again, trying to decrease the amounts of sugar in them. I substituted blackstrap molasses for half of the sugar in my banana bread last night. It worked out very well in terms of sweetness, however, I forgot to adjust the amount of liquid in the recipe. As a result, its a bit gooey and needs to be toasted prior to serving. Overall, I'm very pleased. I'm fairly certain I can solve the liquid problems in the next batch. Once I've got a more reliable recipe, I'll post it. I like blackstrap molasses because its a good source of iron and calcium, two things vegans need.

The organic seed potatoes came in yesterday. Thanks to a wise gardener's input, I'll be planting them in two old garbage cans that have holes in the bottom. To see more about potato planting click here. I've also gotten Jerusalem Artichokes to plant as well. I'm told these will grow in containers but I'll be planting some in the ground as well.

We still belong to the CSA but each year I want to increase what I personally am growing. Our next trip to the Adirondacks should provide me with an update on the currant bushes that we planted in the fall. I've got my fingers crossed.


johana said...

hi: i must say i read all your blog took me long hours but i learn so much, you are truly frugal and i love learning from you, thanks for such a great blog,

Kim said...

Your my hero! We are trying to live more frugally and improve our nutrition. We're not vegetarians, but we are trying to expand our food choices and your ideas are great! I have a favor to ask. Recently you taked about peanut noodles. Could you post your recipe? My kids are peaut butter nuts and I think they would love peanut noodles! Thanks!

Katie said...

Thanks Kim & Johana. Here's the link for peanut noodles