Monday, April 03, 2006

A Lunch Box Treat

Some of my best creative work is the direct result of something I've screwed up. The lunch box treat is a good example. I got so involved with the room switching yesterday that I forgot I needed to make bread. There weren't a lot of leftovers so I needed a lunch that I could make quickly. This is a miserable realization at 7pm after losing an hour to daylight savings the night before. Here's my creative solution.

First, I made a basic whole wheat muffin recipe. I substituted oat flour for 1/2 of the whole wheat flour because I seem to have a lot of oatmeal in the house. I put a small scoop of the batter into greased muffin tins, followed by a small scoop of almond butter, then a bit of grape fruit spread and finally another scoop of batter. I baked these about 5 minutes longer than the muffin recipe called for.

The result was peanut butter and jelly muffins for lunch. The kids were all thrilled. I think in the future I'd use a little less oil in the muffin batter since the muffins seemed a little oily to me but no one else seemed to notice.

Hey, its not the Vegan Lunch Box but I try.


Ruthie said...

Very smart, Katie. I am impressed. I hope the room moving is going well. I just joined San Antonio Free Cycle and I think it's going to work very well for me! Thanks for the tip. We have so much stuff to downsize in less than 4 months.

Barbara said...

First the corn muffins with TVP sausage then these. You come up with more ideas than I have time to make/eat!!

I'd be happy to have you make my lunch anytime! ;)


Tangee said...

I'm loving your posts. Dh and I are trying to get more healthy. He and I need to lose weight. It's all about setting a great example for the kids.

Katie said...

The room move is going well but its a slow go. I don't envy the downsizing you have to do Ruthie. Just moving a few rooms is a formidable enough task for me.

Thanks Ruth, Barb and Scrap Mama!