Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Must Focus!!

Has anyone else ever noticed that whenever you're up against a cleaning deadline, something (usually something that breathes) is often working against you? In just over 24 hours I'll be heading to the Adirondacks with the kids, 2 dogs and a car full of stuff. All I want is to leave a clean house behind but I'm starting to think it isn't meant to be.

Aside from a lack of time, Biscuit's got a belly ache complete with diarrhea and farting. Actually, he's always tooting but now it's bad enough to make your eyes water. The pepto hasn't kicked in completely, although it is improving things so I'm on "doggy gotta go now" watch. This means keeping the dog in the same room with me and paying careful attention to his body language. I have to say, it's a little limiting, especially since he runs out of the room whenever I run the vacuum.

BTW, for anyone who's wondering why I don't just give the dog rice instead of pepto, it's because he won't eat rice at all. He just spits it out.

I'd also like to get a meal plan figured out for the weekend since we'll be having quite a bit of company. Must focus...

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