Monday, June 19, 2006

A Minor Kitchen Calamity

My to do list for the next few days is about a mile long! This time of year is brutal. The harder I try to complete tasks, the more tasks I find to complete. The cabin is beckoning to me. Just a few more days and we'll leave the stress behind but in the mean time, I've got stuff to do!

The girls are each having a friend sleep over on Wednesday to celebrate the end of school. I told them menus are due tonight so we have time to get things ready. We'll head over to the library tomorrow afternoon to get some movies for the occasion. The selection of movies at our library has really expanded in recent months. The girls are thrilled.

On a poopy note, our oven died the other day while I was making cookies. I never had so much trouble making a batch of cookies in my life! When I went to make them the heating element in the oven caught fire (just a tiny one) and then the element blew out completely. Naturally, this didn't stop me from turning the oven back on just to see what would happen, which was nothing at all. The oven was cool as can be. It wasn't a surprise, we knew the whole stove was on its way out it was just the timing that was bad.

So presented with this little challenge, I turn to the toaster oven only to discover I'm out of aluminum foil and I don't have a cookie sheet that will fit in there. Which brings me to the reason the cookies looked like mini muffins, they were cooked in the only pans I had that fit into the toaster oven, mini muffin pans. I just don't accept defeat well.

As for the problem of the oven itself, since I'm leaving for the Adirondacks with the kids soon, we've got the whole summer before it actually needs to be replaced. The ability to take one's time when making a purchase like this is the best friend of the frugal; panicked purchases always cost more!

Now I'm off to work on that to do list!


Ruthie said...


Do you have a microwave? We do a lot of microwave cooking b/c it gets SO hot here. I've even made your red lentil loaf in the micro. You have to be a little forgiving on the texture of the results, but it's worth it to use in time/energy/sweat saved.

draiodoirmna said...

Life has such a way of making us not take ourselves so seriously at times. And what matters is how we respond to situations. All the best.

Katie said...

We do have/use the microwave especially in the hotter weather. You're a brave girl making the red lentil loaf in it!

That is so true. You just have to find the humor in these situations because ranting like a loony never helps.

Anonymous said...

Where can I find a mini-muffin pan that fits the toaster Oven? L.

Katie said...

I'm not sure. Why not measure your toaster oven rack and then try a google search?