Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Flavored Coffee Mixes as Holiday Gifts

I've got two cappucino hounds, disguised as teenage girls, living in my house. They both get dreamy eyed and rave whenever they talk about the cappucino sold at school. I'm putting together some flavored coffee mixes to satisfy their cravings without leaving them penniless.

I've always been a big fan of gifts in a jar. The challenge with these coffee recipes is to find vegan alternatives to some of the ingredients. I'll be working on that today. I'll share any discoveries I make and you can feel free to do the same.

Here are some links to recipes to get you started:

Mocha Espresso Coffee

Cappucino Mix

Instant Cappucino Mix

Swiss Mocha

Several different coffee mixes

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kati,

A fellow blogger (http://thebakehouse.blogspot.com/) recently blogged about her dry hot cocoa mix. I asked her a question about the soy milk powder because there isn't a single store in my area that carries it. Here was her response. If one of your missing ingredients is soymilk powder, perhaps this would help.

"I came to answer your hot cocoa question, it should be mixed - wooden sppon by hand will do. And the soymilk here's one place I have purchased it from


Here's another I found, but never bought from them before, they have a soy good powder but I've never tried it. I have purchased soymilk powders that seemed like ground dry soybeans.... they never mixed in with the water, so I stick with the more expensive better than milk.

Also.... one place that is expensive, but are there when I need something in a pinch. If you have a seventh day advenist chuurch in your area, a large city (1 1 /2 hours from me) has a "bookstore" that sells canned vegan products and powdered soymilks. I was impressed with their supply but it was definitely pricely! This brand of religion promotes healthy diet as the ideal way to live, I'm not one but I sure like their stuff!"