Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Menu

The menu is in a state of evolution, a very early state of evolution. Here are the meals I need to provide for company; dinner Saturday, brunch Sunday and dinner Monday. I've been going through my pantry to see what I have an overabundance of and what I might be missing. I've come to the realization that the pantry is quite full and I want to make use of the things I have on hand. For example, I still have a lot of squash from our CSA that I would like to feature in our meal, in part because I have an abundance but also because it was locally grown. I love to illustrate the connection between food, the seasons and local farmer. I think its a connection that needs to be made more often.

Thoughts of that squash whirled around my head all day yesterday until I finally decided how to use it. I'll be making a baked version of the Butternut Squash Pasta dish but I will be substituting extra firm tofu for the silken tofu to give it a more ricotta like texture. I'll make a loaf or two of bread to go along with it, possibly foccacia.

I like the brunch menu I used last year, although I plan to add oven roasted potatoes to it.

Since different people will be at the two dinners, I will most likely use the same menu. This will cut down on my food prep time which is certainly at a premium right now! Although, there will likely be more people on Christmas Day so I'm leaning towards making a Red Lentil Roast since it stores well.

As in year's past we will celebrate Christmas Eve with just the kids. The menu for that evening is by popular request. They want Tofurky! I'll make some stuffing and some mashed squash to go with it.

Desserts are still up in the air. Most will be fruit based because I know others will bring sweeter cookies and cakes. More on these tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays!

Ruthie said...

Merry Christmas, Katie!

It looks like we MAY be entertaining this Christmas! Which would be my first entertaining bit ever! And it's a fellow-grad-student my husband goes to school with who's from China, so my husband says "Whatever you make, it doesn't matter. He doesn't know what the traditions are!" :)

I'm nervous like crazy! But knowing you've done it sucessfully gives me a lot of hope. Now how to manage with me working every day until Christmas? :)