Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I've spent a fair amount of the last few days gardening. I transplanted some Jerusalem artichokes yesterday after debating for several days where the best spot to plant them was. My herb patch is doing well and so are my tomatoes and purslane.

The tomato plants are a bit small but very hardy. I think I put them in the ground too late this year but time will tell. The blueberries are all growing nicely. They aren't as lush as I'd hoped but it is only their second year in the ground. I'm spoiled by the currants at home. Those plants took such abuse with the transplanting but they are flourishing.

We had our CSA pickup today. I really like our new CSA but I miss the familiarity of our old one. I also wish it was close enough to bike or walk to (its a half hour drive away.)

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Anonymous said...

Your own blueberries?! I am SO jealous!