Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Power Failure

As Chile suggested, I tried soaking my steel cut oats over night. It really did cut the cooking time down and there was no difference in the taste. I'll definitely be using that trick again.

The boys have really enjoyed the first few days of camp. I've enjoyed the way it tires them out. It really helped yesterday evening when we lost power due to a very strong and destructive thunderstorm at about 7:30pm. They were tired and ready for bed with no argument. Poor Biscuit, he is really terrified of thunderstorms. He spent the evening hiding in his crate.

The girls and I spent the evening sitting around a table with a bunch of candles talking and listening to music. I tried to cross-stitch but I almost went cross-eyed
from the dim light. We also had two of the shake type rechargeable flashlights. These were very handy, although one stopped working for no apparent reason. We cant' seem to get it recharged or maybe the bulb blew out. I'm not really sure. I'll ask my technical advisor when he heads back up Friday evening.

Today was so hot and humid that I walked around the lack rather than jogging. The air was just too thick. Of course there was another reason for walking. When the power came back on at about 4:00am the radio in the ktichen came back on, LOUD! I jumped out of bed to turn it off and promptly fell onto the floor when my foot caught on the blanket. At least it doesn't hurt.

It looks like we really didn't lose anything in the fridge except a half empty container of soymilk, although I'm a little leery about the Vegenaise. I'm just grateful when have power back and no trees hit our house.


Anonymous said...

I hate it when the power goes always makes me realize how much I use it and appreciate it once it comes back!

Your flashlights sound really interesting--I have never heard of them before!


Ruthie said...

Katie -

Just a question. You seem to blog nearly daily or every other day. Do you allot time for this at a certain time each day? Do you do the rest of your web-surfing at that time too? You seem to be so productive, I'm just curious about your blogging-time-management. :)


Katie said...

Here's a link for the type of flashlight I mentioned.

This isn't where we purchased them from. They were actually given to my sons.

Hi Ruthie,
During the school year, I blog/do websurfing right after Jim leaves for work but before the boys get up. It leaves me about 45 minutes. The summer is a little bit more piece meal. I don't want to take away from outdoor "stuff". With the boys at camp in the am I've been doing it right after I jog and shower but it doesn't always work out. Today its after lunch and the boys are playing cards with their sister before we head to the beach. I find it easier to have a designated time to be on the computer but I haven't found the right one for summer yet.