Thursday, December 13, 2007

He's Got a Ticket to Ride

The snow hasn't started yet but school is already cancelled for the day. Jim opted to take the train/bus to work to avoid the nightmare of commuting home in a blizzard. In fact, Jim's decided to take the train/bus for all of January, February and possibly March.

Aside from not commuting in crummy weather, it also decreases his carbon footprint and, we've just discovered, it cuts his commuting expenses as well. The county bus company near his job offers a combined bus/rail ticket deal on monthly passes that saves quite a bit. (This wasn't very well advertised. He only knew because he got the heads up from a coworker.)

Since I drive Jim to the station, an unintended perk is that I can drive Jim's little buggy which gets 38-40 mpg rather than mine which gets 20-28 mpg. Jim's return train gets in at the same time that swim team/swimming lessons for the boys begins and the station is only 2 minutes from the Y. That certainly is convenient.

The only down side is, this mode of transportation adds time to his already ridiculous commute. The time is fast approaching for a change to be made. This is a thought we keep returning to.

A snow day is the perfect day for some holiday projects with the kids. I think we'll give those dinosaur ornaments a try. Here's a simple knitting project I plan to try for my little nephews.


AnnMarie said...

It adds time to his commute, but can he read or do other activities now? I can't read in a car, but can on a train. I'd use the time to do all the reading I love to do! Even more simple (but requiring an MP3 player), I've started listening to podcasts finally--mainly ones from NPR--during my walk to work and I LOVE being able to listen to the shows I really want to hear (they have an environmental round up covering a bunch of different shows, for instance, and I enjoy Way with Words but never catch it on Sunday mornings, etc.)

Anonymous said...

Go Jim! I figured out the same thing. I save about $50/month on gas with the commuter pass. Plus, I finally get to work on those books I've always wanted to read.