Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2008 Day 2, Back to Real Life

The thing about a few realxing days away is, it hurts to get back to the normal grind. The first day back is the worst. Although the kids don't go back to school until tomorrow, today is that day for me.

I was up at 5:15am to take Jim to the train station. Once back home, the whole drop off/get back home procedure takes about 15 minutes, I decided to ease into my day with a little yoga to get my head on straight.

Fifteen minutes later, I'd done medidtation (Biscuit licked my face to let me know 5 minutes were up. Who knew he could tell time??), sun salutation, spinal twist, shoulder stand, fish and relaxation. I felt much more able to tackle the day. My yoga teacher pointed out to us that a sun salutation moves you through all the body positions, except spinal rotation, hence the added spinal twist, and balance - I usually struggle through tree pose for this. I added shoulder stand in because I like the challenge of shoulder stand and fish is the counter pose.

If one of your resolutions is to do more yoga but you don't want to spend money on classes or you don't think you have the time, give Rodney Yee's AM Yoga a try. Its only 20 minutes but its a well balanced program. Take it out from the library to see if its for you.

If you know anyone who's training to be a yoga instructor, offer to be their student. Most yoga programs require you to volunteer teach, mine certainly does. You may be able to get the benefits of yoga while helping a friend.

Now, remembering the calmness yoga brings, I'm off to the shower. Then I'll drive my daughters to my brother's to babysit his two kids. Next, I'll head back to teach a class. Then I'll pick up the girls, possibly drop my niece and nephew off at daycare, drop Leen off at her final lifeguard training, hit the yarn store to pick up the yarn I need to finish Tasha's leg warmers (I'm a little cranky about this but I'll tell the tale another time), pick Leen up and finally go home to make dinner.

How many weeks until summer vacation??


Ruthie said...

How ironic is it that I picked up Yee's AM yoga (along with the PM yoga video in the set) :) at the thrift store two days ago for $1.50 and did the very video you blogged about on Tuesday morning after resolving to do more yoga this year? :)


Anonymous said...

I so want to do more Yoga this year - I have a Yoga DVD at home that I got for my birthday last year, will dig it out and start... My back is killing me today so this is a sign....

Katie said...

I must have been sending yoga vibes your way Ruthie!

Its funny, my achy back potential (I have scoliosis) is what keeps my doing yoga when I don't feel like it. It definitely helps.