Thursday, February 07, 2008

Somethings Got to Change

Pepper, the 300 pound wonder cat, is watching you! Ok, he only weighs about 25 pounds but I swear he's crossed with some larger cat (like a panther??) He's like the mayor of our street, he knows everyone and everyone knows him.

Although I love my kitty, the greater point is that almost all the snow you see in that picture is gone, it's 44 degrees outside and its been raining for two days. This is not what February in NY is supposed to be like.

Its time to take some action. Not sure where to start? Check out these 8 Easy Projects for Instant Energy Savings.

Lets not forget about the other things that make a difference like planning your errands to avoid unneccesary trips. What about within the home? Are you using everything completely before discarding it? Can that old, holey shirt or sock be a rag or part of a rag rug? (I just got the rug book I mentioned here out of the library, I can't wait to share ideas from it.)

What's your favorite way to reuse something that others think of as unusable?


Ruthie said...

Good post. :) We have a 25 pound black cat patient named Barney who is unfortunately not as attractive as Pepper. That picture is gorgeous!

I totally agree about the scary signs of the times. Did you see Inconvinent Truth? We just rented it and I found a lot of the glacier pictures disturbing-- even though we watched it during a blizzard.

This month we reduced our energy expenditures from 291 KWH to 206 KWH! I've become the electricity nazi.

mollyjade said...

This is rather silly, but I've found I can keep the temperature five degrees colder if I wear two pairs of pajama pants instead of one.

Also, I'm a renter, which means I can't do much to the leaky windows in house (lined curtains aren't an option at the moment). But I insulated all the electrical outlets and switches on the outer edges of the house. I can tell it made a difference in the draftiness of the house, and it only cost $2.