Thursday, April 03, 2008

Cutting the Crap with Chile

I've joined Chile's decluttering challenge, although I'm already running a day behind. No matter, in the spirit of casting off the bonds of winter, I shall dive into my paper piles

and basket of magazines/catalogs.

I'll tackle my file cabinet tomorrow, when I'm feeling braver!


Chile said...

Depending on the condition of your filing cabinet, it may take more than a day. I'm not done with mine yet. But don't worry, I'm going to switch things around and even give a few breaks now and then. ;-)

And remember, it's Chile with an "e" not an "i". Chili is a nice tasty bean stew. Chile is a hot green pepper (spelled the Mexican way).

Katie said...

The moral of the story is never try to blog while the clock is ticking down the minutes until you have to leave for work. I'm sorry...I know how to spell your name!

Chile said...

Another one is: never go to check e-mail or your blog when something's cooking on the stove. Do you have any idea how bad burnt red cabbage smells?!