Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pants as Packaging?

Today, I'm packing these boxes of clutter into my car and dropping them off at the thrift store after work. Another larger item that's been in my way for a long time is being donated to our swim team tonight. It feels good to declutter with Chile!

As for the birthday gift for my nephew, I'm about 1/2 way through the bib pattern from Mason-Dixon Knitting. I'm using yarn from a sweater I unraveled a while back. I like the almost denim look the yarn has.

Speaking of kids, my son is learning to play recorder in school this year. He already had a decent recorder but he wanted to buy a new one so he'd have a case like everyone else. (Naturally, the case his came with has been missing for several years now.) I offered him this challenge. He could spend $5.00 of his own money and buy a new recorder or he could design a cover and I would make it for the existing recorder. He really struggled with this decision. For an 8 year old, its a pretty big one. In the end he decided to use the recorder we had. That meant I had to make a case for it.

Here's the pattern he drew. Notice the excrutiating detail he has included. He's very specific. I thought I really might be in deep trouble with this one.

I headed to the drawer of pants in need of a project and found the perfect pair of cotton black pants to use.

I did a lot of measuring as I tried to convert his desired pattern into a real one. Here's a hint for anyone embarking on a task like this, keep the object you are making the case for close by. This allows you to continually check to see if the size is still ok.

Anyone could make this or something like it. In fact, I think its a great project for practicing your sewing skills. Even the embroidery is just a very basic backstitch. Remember this: You can do great things with some basic skills!

Here's the finished product.

And here's the happy kid with the finished product.

Rob couldn't wait to show his music teacher his new case. There's an added bonus. He'll alway know which recorder case is his.


Anonymous said...

What a nice thing to do for your son and a great way to recycle old pants. Your blog always inspires me to think of a way to use what I have. Thanks :)

Ruthie said...

SO cute Katie!

I bet he loves that case more than he would enjoy a new recorder.

Katie said...

Your welcome Margaret.

Thank Ruthie! Rob was skeptical when I began to make the case (I was too!) but he just loves the finished product. He said he's glad he decided to keep his recorder.

Chile said...

That's really neat, Katie. And you do such a good job teaching your kids to consider all the options when faced with a decision!

Katie said...

Stop Chile, I'm blushing!