Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Where Does the Time Go??

The commitments of everyday parenting come to a demanding crescendo this time of year. We're knee deep in it and getting deeper everyday. There's not a lot of time for blogging, or breathing for that matter.

My oldest went to her junior prom last Friday. We drove to the prom and her date's parents drove home so we avoided paying for a limo. I was shocked how many kids actually did rent limos for the occasion. Then again, I probably shouldn't have been shocked when you consider the prom was held at the same place my brother had his wedding. My junior prom was in the high school cafeteria and we still turned out okay.

The dress was a bit pricey ($119) but we'd agreed my daughter had to pay half. All the other expenses were hers, including the $310 hair-do (she got hair extensions sewn in, a very pricey thing indeed!) In her defense, she had the money, she'd always wanted to do this and it will last 2 1/2 months. I don't think she'll be too quick to spend that much on her hair again though. She hated seeing her balance go down so quickly.

My cooking has been so basic it's boring me to tears but no one else seems to notice. My meal plan has been a real life saver. When I'm standing in the kitchen all brain dead and unmotivated, it does the thinking for me.

The book Cheaper & Better that I had mentioned, has some interesting ideas but they need to be veganized and I haven't had the time or energy to give them too much thought. There is a pop tart like recipe that my kids would love. I'm hoping to try it later this week.

Through it all, I continue to knit. It's like a crazy addiction. My mother in law just gave me a bunch of yarn leftovers which I've gleefully been using in my log cabin blanket. I think that was the best mother's day gift of them all, although the crocheted blanket she made ne was very nice too.

Why does knitting make me so happy? I'm not sure but I take it with me everywhere I go. Case and point, Jim had to drop his car off for service and I whipped it out while he was filling out the little envelope.

Now I'm off to a second grade spring concert but out of respect I'll leave the knitting behind, unless I get there early enough to get a row or two in before the singing starts!


Anonymous said...

I have to tell you--I consider $120 for a prom dress a complete bargain. The hair was expensive, but sometimes something expensive is worth it if it's really special and the person buying it can afford it. :) That's how I see it, anyway.

You're a good mom.

Ruthie said...

"My junior prom was in the high school cafeteria and we still turned out okay."


Our Senior prom was at the most luxurious hotel in San Antonio. There were people renting limo-hummers! I boycotted by wearing my sister's prom dress from a previous year, doing my own hair and wearing flip flops.

I *WISH* our prom was in the school cafeteria. It's so utterly blown out of proportion these days.

I love that you're knitting through it all. What else are you working on besides the log cabin? You've inspired me to pull my needles out again. Since going back to full time I haven't had the time or inclination.


Katie said...

Thanks Sally!

Ruthie, Flip flops, I wish I'd done that! As for my other knitting projects, I've got this scarf that I can't seem to finish but I keep going back to. I've also done a couple of dishcloths and a bib.

The log cabin is my major project because I want to give it to my sister before she leaves for grad school. Also it's kind of addictive (ie. just a few more lines and then I start the next color.)