Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I've Seen the Light While Knitting Dishcloths, Making Pesto & Pondering Little Boys' Boxers

James requested pictures of the lamps I rewired so here they are. BTW, it's mighty hard to take a picture of a lit lamp with just a cell phone camera.

No lamp picture here, instead you're seeing the three dishcloths I knitted up for my mom's birthday. I had to take a break from weaving those loose ends in on the log cabin blanket. I was going cross-eyed. The one with the L on it was an experiment that turned into a nightmare. I hate the way it came out, especially the back.

For something different, I used a strand of beige cotton that's usually used for making lace along with the green cotton yarn (recycled from a thrift store sweater) on the last dish cloth. This is great stuff for knotting quilts as well and it always seems to turn up in thrift stores. As I was knitting this cloth, I came to the conclusion that I am a color and texture junkie when I knit. I love to combine yarns to make funky, chunky, colorful things. I'm a chronic color combiner!

I haven't mentioned a lot of food lately but it's been very simple and seasonal. Last night I made a simple pesto substituting parsley for the spinach that the recipe called for. Why? Well, I had a lot of parsley and I'd already used the spinach for salad the day before. No garlic or scapes in this weeks CSA share so garlic powder was used instead. I served it with roasted eggplant. I left the skins on per Isa's instructions in Veganomicon. It was very nice addition to the pesto. We served this with veggie burgers made out of a leftover baked bean dish. Dinner was ready in a jiffy and the fridge is now emptied of leftovers.

For anyone who's keeping track of things I've planned to do, you may have noticed there's been no mention of the boxers I planned to make for the boys. I haven't forgotten. I've just been a little apprehensive about getting started. It's almost August so I guess I'll have to dive in soon. Good thing I got those lamps done, one of them sits on my sewing table so I can see what I'm sewing.

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James said...

Great job on the lamps!