Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Simple Pleasures

I'm just enjoying simple pleasures lately. That even includes simple cooking. I haven't been very elaborate in my meals but I've been very good at rolling the leftovers into the next meal. Here's an example, Sunday I made Cajun Black Eyed Peas with quinoa and turnip greens. Yesterday, I took the leftovers added in more turnip greens (a lot more turnip greens actually), increased the seasonings and used it as a side dish alongside veggie hot dogs. Leftovers got used up and I didn't have to think too much about what to cook.

Here's another simple frugal trick which I must have mentioned before but just in case I didn't, here it is again. I chop cucumbers from our CSA and put them into the pickle juice that's leftover when you finish a jar of pickles. After a day or two in the fridge they are very good. This is especially useful since we really like pickles on our hummus sandwiches.

I'm still working on the quilt and blanket although both are nearing the end. The edges are all done on the quilt. I'm dealing with all the hanging threads that machine sewing leaves behind. I should be starting to knot the quilt tonight or tomorrow. The log cabin blanket is a mere 2 1/2 sides from being done. I know, you want pictures. I still don't have my camera cord but I'll try using my cell phone to take them later.

Now I'm going to partake in another simple pleasure, reading. I'm on a Barbara Kingsolver kick. I just blew through and really enjoyed Prodigal Summer. Now I'm starting The Poisonwood Bible.


Unknown said...

poisonwood bible is excellent! did you read her new one about local eating? it's very good.

Anonymous said...

I love Barbara Kingsolver--enjoy the wonderful pleasure of a good book :o)


Ruthie said...

I can't believe you got your kids to eat turnip greens! I can't stand them, lol.

I love BK as well. I've read all of her novels. I love Bean Trees.

Very fun, easy reads. I wish there was more authors like her.


mentalutopia said...

Yes, if you're on a Kingsolver kick, be sure to read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

*jean* said...

ooohhh that's a great idea, putting cukes in the pickle juice!!! gotta try that! love barbara, have read all of her books..