Monday, March 07, 2005

Is it Really Monday Already?

It was very tempting to roll over and pull the covers in tighter after I turned off my alarm this morning. I fought the urge and tumbled out of bed. Now that I've been up a few hours, it seems like I made a good decision. It's always easier to be up before the little ones.

The weekend was filled with little accomplishments, like getting caught up on laundry and cleaning off the kitchen counters. How, you may ask, is this relevant to frugality? Well, if I can find it, I don't have to buy it again. Also, once the counters are clean, cooking is a pleasure. Nothing rankles me more than no clear space to work or worse an avalanche of unsorted mail or children's school work falling to the floor. Another benefit of a clean counter, when someone breaks dishes on it, as my daughter did, its easier to clean. On the other hand, fear of Corelle slivers in you food is very motivating.

That brings up a point worth mentioning. For anyone with kids in preschool or elementary school, are you just buckling under the amount of paper that they bring home? Some is certainly worth saving, we have a big plastic tote that is our saving box. What about the rest? I use big pictures for wrapping paper. The smaller pieces with one line or scribbles get spirited away when no one is looking. My boss puts all the excess into her ex husbands "mailbox" so when he picks the kids up for a visit, he takes it with him.

I did get some extra bread made this weekend as well, so I've begun to replenish my freezer. On todays menu, a little experiment with pasta. I've got two back to back appointments this afternoon and need something that can be left alone in the oven. Never fear, someone will be in the house while the oven is on, they just won't need to stand over it. If its a gem, I'll share it, if its a stinker, I'll warn you about it.

I posted a response to Judy's query about the expense of framing cross stitch in the comments of the original post for anyone following that thread.

Happy Monday!

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