Thursday, March 17, 2005

Some Weeks Are Just Longer Than Others!

Is it really only Thursday? I've spent the better part of the week fixing a little identity theft problem. Thankfully, I caught it before any horrific damage was done.

Work continues on my braided jean rug. Its really gratifying to see it begin to look like a rug. Isn't it odd that "it looks just like the ones in the store," is now a compliment? Wasn't there a time when that would be said with a snort and a sideways glance? At times it seems, hand made items are so undervalued in our society.

Yesterday my four year old and I planted tomato seeds and some herbs. We used soymilk containers cut in half, to make our seed starting trays. I've dug all the seed packets that have been lying around since 2002 and am curious to see what sprouts and what doesn't. I'll keep everyone updated.

Currently, I'm reading Ruth Stout's book on easy gardening through the use of mulch. Definitely and interesting read so far. We belong to a farm cooperative so any produce I get through my gardening experiments is a bonus.

The snow is melting in NY, I can taste spring!

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Judy386 said...

Your rug sounds really cool! Sounds like a fun projet. I started my blog back up if you're interested. Judy