Monday, January 24, 2005

Snowy Day Veg Snacking

It snowed almost all day Saturday and the wind blew like crazy all day Sunday. We have the only hill in the neighborhood so as you may imagine, a lot of kids were here yesterday. Kids get hungry and that means I'm providing snacks. Talk about stress.

The thing I've noticed recently is no one seems to miss the milk in my hot cocoa or the butter in my popcorn. I use the cocoa recipe from the first PETA cookbook, its easy and delicious. My popcorn is "buttered" with olive oil spray and a toss of salt. To keep costs down I use a pump sprayer for the olive oil that can be refilled. The cocoa is made with soymilk.

No one left early or seemed deprived. I think confidence in your own cooking or concocting ability is half the battle when entertaining non-veg friends.

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