Friday, January 28, 2005

Quick Update

It's finally Friday, and what a long snowy week it's been. I'm looking forward to a productive weekend. Lots of things going on around here. Several new projects in the works including a new 3-6 year old mommy and me fitness program that is scheduled to start 2/15. Also two continuing ed classes starting next week, one on becoming veg, the other on healthy eating. I'm very excited but cautious as well, all are dependent on enrollment. Fingers are crossed.

I've finally started reading Fast Food Nation. More soon...

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Judy386 said...

Sounds like a fun class starting up. I wish they had veg classes near me. Are you vegan? I haven't read Fast Food Nation but heard it's really good. I'm starting Weight Watchers in a couple of weeks so I'll look forward to any of the healthy recipes you'll be sharing. I've been one of the "french fry eating vegetarians" for way too long. I need to start eating healthier. I'm sick of feeling sluggish and tired all the time!