Thursday, February 03, 2005

My First Going Veg Class

I am tickled to report that my Going Veg class had enough people enrolled to run! We had our first class on Tuesday and it was such a neat experience for me. I met a teenager who wants to go veg but needs to learn the nutrition end of things. She had dabbled in junk food vegetarianism and ended up pretty sick. I also met her mother, who wanted to learn about healthy vegetarian choices as well! How cool is that? I give her the mommy of the year award for being open-minded.

Judy wanted to know if I was vegan. I guess I am, although I usually cop out and say nearly vegan, just in case I missed something. March 2003 I went to a Meat Out talk and after hearing Gary Yourofsky speak, my hubby and I went home and ditched dairy. (It was the pus in the milk that killed me.) I had already been vegetarian for years at that point and had stopped eating eggs. Cheese had to go a few years earlier because my cholesterol was borderline high, so the remaining dairy items were all that was left to go.

The thing about getting away from being a junk food or french fry vegetarian is you need planning and lots of it. Most the food in the world that is convenient is garbage. If you think I'm wrong try walking into your local 7-11 or Mobil on the Run and finding something healthy to stave off your hunger.

More on planning next time.

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