Friday, February 04, 2005

Goals for the Weekend

Here are the goals for my weekend. Fortunately no one around here is a big football fan so the Superbowl will not get in my way:-)

Bake bread for the week. That means a minimum of 5 loaves. I don't mind, whole grain bread is a great food choice. (A big raspberry to the Atkins diet!)

Baking grab & go breakfasts for the week. This may be pumpkin muffins or a big batch of French Toast (yes you can make really yummy vegan French Toast).

Make a few loaves of Cornell Bread recipe that I've been experimenting with. This is a whole grain recipe I just found in the current issue of Mother Earth News. I've just tweaked it to make it vegan. Still a work in progress although pretty pleased with the results so far.

Make and freeze pizza dough. I make about 4 batches at a time and freeze the extra.

Then of course there's laundry and housework but no one wants to hear about that!

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